Forever Sun

Forever Sun - Therapy for skin and soul!


I would like to present to you the differences between twisted and conventional tubes.

People have the need to take a rest, relax and tanning is perfect for that.
The Light Tech engineers have developed these twisted tubes scientifically because the old solarium tubes have very high levels of UVA which is responsible for wrinkles, thickening and also for dismantling Vitamin D and oxidizing melanin into our skin.

UVB only causes skin redness so researchers had to increase the efficiency of pipes in a way that keeps the level of UVA as low as possible. So the solution was great lucency. Without UVA levels combined with appropriate colors.

The new twisted tubes have 2-2,5 times bigger luminosity than conventional tubes thanks to its phosphor. Twisted tubes usage time is 12-15 minutes but if you use it for 45 minutes, it still does not cause permanent damage or sunburn. Twist tubes are UVA-free, produces Vitamin D and oxidizes your skin.

Available in 4 colors

The Diamond, also known as WHITE light / HYDRATES..

  • This white light is the most similar to sunlight
  • Enhances the Vitamin D production
  • It contributes to the relaxation of brain and body
  • provides well-being

The Ruby, also known as RED light / TIGHTENS..

  • increases collagen level
  • smoothes out wrinkles
  • helps wound healing
  • has anti-inflammatory effect

The Sapphire, also known as BLUE light / DISINFECTS..

  • kills germs
  • improves the ability of concentration
  • helps skin regeneration
  • vitalizes

The Emerald, also known as GREEN light / TANNES DEEPLY AND DURATIVE..

  • green light reaches veins and there it exerts its beneficial effect in order to protect our blood vessels
  • triggers the production of the testosterone in men and estrogen in women
  • for women even the first 12-15 minutes of use can reduce menstrual cramps
  • In case of cardiovascular complaints it helps to increase the efficiency of the healing process
  • The green light is able to start and stimulate the melanin production that determines our skin tan

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