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We are pleased to have your interest in Forever Sun, let’s sum up the most important pieces of information.

Our company is the exclusive distributor of FOREVER SUN twisted tubes (Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond) which has decreased UV-A level, twisted design and is loaded with a special phosphor. You can read more about the tubes in Useful Tips / Scientific Information.

The point of our franchise system is that we provide the technology, territorial exclusivity and the latest developed Forever Sun Twisted Tubes which are distributed by Forever Sun Franchise exclusively.

The following are included in our technology: - we give a discount for the material needed to design an integrated facade, - we provide machines and creams on favorable prices, - we manage strong and consistent marketing continuously.
Furthermore, we help you in preparing your business plan and designing your shop. We support our partners economically and professionally with all the required information at the beginning and also during operation.

You can think of a rented or an own place, about 50-60 m2 are required for a shop equipped with 4 machines. These machines can be new or reconditioned ones, the point is that all of them must be equipped with our latest developed colorful Forever Sun twisted tube (Forever Sun Emerald twisted tube at least in 50%).

The design and operation of shops are implemented according to our Franchise Manual.

We support your opening and operation with the help of our partner with 30 years of experience. We provide service background and procurement and operation of machines.

To join the Forever Sun Franchise is a limited opportunity as we authorize to open only 23 shops in Budapest and 50 shops provincially.

Currently, there are successfully running shops in the 6th district of Budapest, Veresegyház, Debrecen, and Slovakia, moreover, our next shop is opening in November.

We grant exclusivity in a 2 km range in Budapest and full exclusivity for other cities provincially.

All health-conscious and beauty activities can be carried out in Forever Sun Shops.

We are pleased to answer any of your questions if you need further personalized information.

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