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How to use a solarium?

Despite the fact that this question seems to be very simple, many people don’t know how to use a solarium to get tanned the quickest and the most beautiful way while they preserve their skin’s health. Sunbathing or using a solarium is a good thing to do for not only the brown skin but also for the satisfaction of our body’s Vitamine D requisite.

Due to the fluid loss caused by warmth and the better condition of our skin, it’s important to refill our fluids after using a solarium.

Solarium cosmetics were specially developed for using a solarium so they help to achieve an enduring and deeper tan in a shorter time. It’s 30-40% more effective by using solarium cosmetics in one tanning period. Daily nursing and hydration of our skin are also important especially when you sunbathing.

The components of solarium creams optimize the skin’s quality. They nutrify the skin with moisturizing and tenderizer materials before getting browned to help the process. They protect against dehydration and senescence of the skin. With its vegetal ingredients, it helps to maintain the flexibility and health of the skin.