Scientific informations

Forever Sun - Therapy for skin and soul!


Melanin determines the colors of skin, hair, eyes in human beings so it’s about to find a way to achieve the highest level of melanin-production.

The GREEN color is effective for the LUTEINIZING hormone which is a fundamental hormone in women and men. It stimulates the growth of testosterone in men and estrogens in women. Besides, it has a great vasoprotective effect.

FOREVER SUN EMERALD twisted tube was design based on these facts.

The RED color is the most researched color, it’s able to increase the level of collagen-building by 100% even in plants. It’s been used by the cosmetic and military industry and healing arts long since. Bright RED light is able to penetrate our skin to even 2,5 cm deep to exert its effect in deeper layers.

NASA had searched the effects of red light radiation on growing plants and on NAVY SEAL soldiers during their rehabilitation of injured muscles. (Niels Ryberg Finsen)

These positive effects exist due to the collagen-building feature of the RED light range. Collagen is the main component of connective tissue in mammalians, it builds the 25-30% of protein quantity of the whole human body. As it’s able to penetrate the skin in 2,5 cm deep, it can reach muscles, veins, and bones which are also made of collagen partly. This fact is well-known for the cosmetic industry. A scientist from Ulm had treated wrinkles around his eyes 20-30 times a week with using green tee filters as a pack before the treatment. As the experiment have been very successful, he continued to research the positive effects of red light exerted on the skin.

These were used for developing the FOREVER SUN RUBY solarium tube which twisted design and ruby brightness to help collagen production naturally. It smoothens wrinkles and helps to get tanned attractively.

The WHITE light range includes a little of all colors. It’s a complex and well-operating light with the widest spectrum. It radiates UV-A, UV-B rays in blue and red wavelength but also includes green color. This combination of colors consents of the relaxation of the body and brain. It helps in the progress of oxidation after the level of melanin had increased.

With these uniquely combined features, our FOREVER SUN DIAMOND solarium tubes create admirably brown color for your skin with its WHITE light range. It also enhances the production of Vitamin D, makes your skin moisturized and gives a good feeling. There have never been developed any other solarium tube that grants twice as much brightness with its ice-white shine than the FOREVER SUN DIAMOND with its twisted design and multicomponent phosphor.

Scientists have also researched the BLUE light range and they found out that it leads to oxygen production on the surface of the skin which kills bacterias. This mechanism is used in the BLUE germicide lamps which are used in medical sterilization. It is proved that BLUE light develops cognitive skills, it vivifies better than caffein if applied at the right time and also enhances concentration ability.

These features are all used in FOREVER SUN SAPPHIRE twisted tubes that work in the BLUE range. It’s characterized by the best tanning effect and optimized UV level. It’s primary in achieving the beautiful, perfect brown color.

What are the differences between Forever Sun twisted tubes and conventional solarium tubes?
  • special engineering technology with multicomponent phosphor
  • twisted glass to enhance the surface of energy dissipation
  • its colors and brightness cannot be compared to any conventional solarium tube
  • all colors can be combined with any other which is ab absolutely unique feature besides its spectacle